First Day in India: Welcome Home

Leaving the international airport in Mumbai was when India first ‘hit me’. Walking from the air-conditioned terminal, I was smacked in the face by the heavy heat, I was finally in India! The other travelers and I piled into the bus to the domestic airport, it felt so surreal to know I was only a couple of minutes from finally being reunited with the love of all my lives. I felt completely sick with excitement, I jabbered absolute nonsense to the girl sat next to me, even when I could see the regret in seat choice wash across her face. My first day in India!

I walked through the last security point and into the domestic departures hall, I frantically looked around but he wasn’t there.  Several men were sleeping on the benches, I looked at them all, searching for his face. I started to panic, lost in unfamiliarity, I could feel my eyes start to fill with tears. Then through my bleary eyed exhaustion, I saw his eyes moving towards me as he embraced me. I was paralysed with happiness and relief.  We were finally reunited.

Together we boarded the plane to Nagpur, my new home. My stomach churned with anticipation (and later with an upset stomach). Destiny brought us together, distance wasn’t able to pull us apart. My in-laws were waiting at the airport when we arrived with roses and smiles. When we arrived at the house, his grandparents were there to welcome us both as a couple into the home in the traditional Hindu way (grandma relieved I wasn’t wearing a mini skirt).


Later that same morning, two huge monkeys found their way into the kitchen! After some screaming, the gate-keeper chasing them away with a stick! Along with that, quite high up the long list of times I had to pinch myself during that first day, was riding through Nagpur on the back of my soon-to-be husband’s motorbike. There is such a feeling of freedom siting there, watching the city go by with the eyes of a child, dodging cows lying in the road, with the warm breeze on my face (I only saw two people wearing helmets over a period of five weeks).

I felt every emotion during my first day in India but most of all, I felt blessed to have found my husband.



  1. Hi Lauren,
    Your story is very touching. I too have always dreamed of going to India and will do that one day. However, in the meantime I will enjoy your lovely descriptions of the country and of your new family there.


  2. God bless u guys.
    nagpur is too hot especially in summers.
    also please be careful when in India pls dont go out alone to places u dont know.


  3. My happiness knows no bounds,
    Your arrival and we will belong to the same “Orange Town”,
    This city of oranges dying to embrace your love,
    To greet your heart with Marathi glow,
    Come o fairy from your fairy land and adorn our city with your magical charms,
    O princess of England rap our Nagpur in your sublime arms.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing tale, I am truly galvanized. God bless you both with long and halcyon married life. I am one of the fans of your diary, thanks again and keep sharing.


  4. I googled about marrying foreigner and came across your blog.
    I really loved your blog and from your website url to every memory you have described everything is amazing.. Wish i can marry my princess who is not indian and if God allowed that then surely we both will meet you..your blog gave me hope and guidance


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