A life transforming 10 months

It has been just over 10 months since my Husband and I introduced ourselves to each other. So much has happened since then. We fell in love, he flew to London, we met in person, he moved from America back to India, I finished my masters degree, I traveled to Morocco, then to India, met my in-laws, got married, came back to England, graduated, moved into a new flat by myself and started a new job (technically…all of that happened in eight months, the last two months have just been working and Skyping)!

What a difference such a small amount of time can make to a person’s life. Not only has my marital status changed but the way I think about myself has also changed.  When someone you love with all your heart loves you unconditionally, loving everything about you, you too start to love yourself. Before I met my husband my self esteem was hitting rock bottom, I was even losing my self- respect. The love my husband has given me I have realised that I do deserve to be happy. He makes me feel like a Queen, just as all women deserve to feel. I don’t think someones self esteem should depend on another but he really helped me open my eyes and cherish myself.

Everyone of us deserve happiness, there are people in this world that will try and push you down to make themselves feel better. Fortunately, there are also those people you make you see that you are special and show you how beautiful life can be.

Graduation in front of flowers

The past 10 months have changed my life. I am just so grateful to my husband for being such an amazing support throughout all of my ups and downs during this ‘growth spurt’.


  1. Lauren, you are an amazing soul besides your beauty! I could never imagine your fight on self-esteem and you wrote exactly what I feel right now: “When someone you love with all your heart loves you unconditionally, loving everything about you, you too start to love yourself.”
    You are an excellent writer and I can’t get enough of your blog.


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