My last Christmas living in England

Of course, this will not be my last Christmas ever, but it’s my last Christmas living in England. I am looking forward to sharing many, many joyful Christmases with my family (including those who are yet to arrive) both here in England and at home in India. I look forward to the Christmases when I can be with my whole family and take my husband to see the lights in London, the Christmas markets and the carol service at the small village church where I was christened. This Christmas is an extra special and a somewhat poignant one because Christmas is all about being with family and straight after Christmas I won’t be seeing my family until our wedding in April.

Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree, no Christmas is complete without one! This year there was an extra touch of festive magic when we put ours in our living room. We opted to use our artificial tree this year, (it is usually better to get a real tree, they smell so nice but make such a mess) so the Christmas tree was pulled out of the garage, where it had been living for the last 11 months, and into our living room. All was going well until my mum suddenly started screaming and waving her arms around…something in the tree was moving!

Two perfectly formed, beautiful peacock butterflies had been hibernating in the tree! They were so delicate. I had that lovely feeling of synchronicity, which has been following me for a while now, as I watched this butterfly couple flying around our living room. The lovely thing about this is that they were peacock butterflies and the peacock is the national bird of India and a sacred bird in Hindu mythology. Lord Krishna is depicted with a peacock feather adorning his head.
butterfly in Christmas tree

After we had recovered from the butterfly incident, we started to decorate the tree. The memories of Christmases that have passed were stirred by the collection of tree ornaments which have accumulated over the years. Some had been gifts, others hand made and some souvenirs from Christmas holidays. Each precious ornament tells its own festive story!

Precious Christmas time

We even have a lovely Christmas tree ornament with Father Christmas riding an Indian elephant…

Santa riding an Indian elephant

It is only 12 days until Christmas and 14 days until I move to India. Once Christmas is over for another year, it will be the start of the adventure that is married life! It seems I spent some time as a child wishing I was a Christmas tree (some of the same decorations are on our tree today)…

Merry Christmas!

N.B. If you do find a butterfly flying around your house during these winter months then you should try to put him/her in your shed or garage to it can return to its snuggly winter sleep until spring. Our heating can be very confusing for a butterfly and the weather outside is too harsh for them.


  1. Hey.. the Christmas tree is beautiful…
    Merry Christmas… 🙂 🙂

    Welcome to India… I’m glad you were strong enough to bear this separation and eventually going to see your husband…!! 🙂


  2. What a fortuitous sign with those butterflies. I remember my yogi giving a talk when I was in India and a butterfly came from nowhere and sat beside him through it all. I felt sure it was his master who had come to listen.


    • Aww wow! That is amazing! I am sure it was his master!

      I love butterflies and to see two was quite significant because of soon being back together with my husband!

      Butterflies are magical! I wish I could have seen this butterfly at your yogis side!!


  3. Oh my God! This makes me wanna celebrate Christmas in England! The most beautiful thing I have seen all day today! Thanks so much for this post.. It’s lovely to see your world through your eyes 🙂
    P.S. – I have always had a thing for all things English… Hence, I am so crazy about this blog 😀


  4. Wow ! Christmas tree is decorated very beautifully. Hey u r lucky tht u can celebrate Diwali as well as Christmas.I always wanted to celebrate Christmas in abroad. Anyways u look amazing in mahrashtrian look. God bess you and merry christmas????


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