Beautiful Winter Nights in England

Whilst walking home from saying a final goodbye to a friend before I move, I noticed how enchanting this small walk I had trodden countless times was. It is funny how you see your world with an increased appreciation of its beauty once you know you won’t be living there for much longer. I walked along the river, passed the trees and into a quiet high street decorated with Christmas lights. Already dark at 18:30pm, most people were settled in their homes, it was only me walking along the river. Only me and the swans, as they gracefully glided through the still water together.

A winter walk swans in the dark

I had fed these swans bread on this stretch of river as child and watched their children grow from clumsy balls of grey fluff into elegant white swans year after year. There are two lovely facts about swans I have known for as long as I can remember.

The first fact is that swans are monogamous. Two swans fall in love and are faithful to each other till death us do part (an essential part of the wedding vows recited in churches for the last 500 years), when one of the pair dies the other can die of a broken heart. The second fact is that the Queen owns all of the swans in the UK and it is illegal to kill one as it is seen as an act of treason. I used to imagine that the Queen had the ability to open a window of Buckingham palace and call all the swans to her side. Sadly, growing up made me realise that this was highly improbable!

I stood and watched these majestic birds for some time and smiled. Maybe I was saying a small ‘goodbye, I am not sure when I will see you again’ to them.

English Town at Night during Christmas Time

This will be something that I definitely miss whilst I am in India. Walking along the river at night, feeling the ice-cold air in my nostrils, only the sound of my own footsteps for company and the twinkling of the Christmas lights in the distance. I am usually a person who despises being cold but on these spell-bounding instances, when the beauty of winter nights captivates me, I quite like it.


  1. I love the cold as it brushes your cheeks and tingles. The swans sound beautiful– I am glad they are protected.

    Let me take this time to wish you a wonderful new life starting very soon in India. I, too, think you should keep writing and that you have a gift. When you get there, watch Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit in their romantic films– great love stories. Such passion without even a kiss! I love them both!! And the films have such good values.


    • Thank you so much Ellen! I always look forward to your comments.

      I am a fan of Madhuri Dixit and Shah Rukh Khan!! I remember seeing Shah Rukh on an interview on British TV and he said how he would never kiss on a movie. I thought that was very admirable! BUT… I was very upset when I was watching his newish movie on the plane to India and he kissed Katrina Kaif! Nevertheless… I still love Shah Rukh. My favourite Indian actress will always be Kajol though!

      I hope you are well Ellen!! Take care


      • Yes, I was upset he kissed Katrina Kaif, too. But his marriage seems to be rock solid. I am a huge fan of Madhuri and Shah Rukh, too. I bore everybody around me talking about them. I am taking lessons with Madhuri online. Great fun and exercise. Will have to look up Kajol– do not know her.


      • You should try ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’. It is my favourite movie!! Shahrukh and Kajol are the stars!!

        Oh wow Madhuri does exercise lessons? I will have to check them out!


  2. “It is funny how you see your world with an increased appreciation of its beauty once you know you won’t be living there for much longer.” So true! I’m glad everything is going smoothly, and you are enjoying your last days before your reunion with your husband.


  3. Beautiful description of the swans…and you are right….you will never be able to hear your own footsteps in india! No one is ever alone…anywhere 🙂 i have started enjoying that peace so much in south africa…still remember how surprised i was when we went for a short hike in the Drakensberg mountains and we didnt meet anyone for 2hrs!


    • Thank you, Mia!
      There is always someone around in India!! It is one of the many major differences between England and India! The Drakenberg mountains… how lovely!!

      I hope you are well dear!!


  4. Great post and I felt like I was there with you! Thanks also for stopping by our blog! So glad you will joining us on our travel journeys as we will follow yours! Am excited for you to be reunited with your husband and to be in such an exotic country! We have always wanted to visit India so really looking forward to your posts of your time there 🙂 Cheers, Le (& David)


    • Thank you so much, Le!
      India is so unique you really have to go! A country of surprises!
      I hope you are well, I too am looking forward to your posts!!


  5. Your journey started well before you decided to leave England. I hope you have a wonderful life in your chosen home. Today it is raining heavily here in south-west England, and the thought of escaping to India is rather tempting….!


    • The journey is the right journey for me… but I realise it is definitely not for everyone! Thank you so much Mary!! I am still in England for another 8 days (also in the south-west) and my gosh isn’t it tipping it down!

      I hope you are well!


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