Reflections: Christmas in London

London is always a wonderful place to be, but during Christmas it is extra special; the Christmas decorations, lights, window displays, buskers singing Christmas carols and the Christmas shopping rush. I went to London this week to visit one of my best friends!

My favourite thing about London is the Underground. I am not sure why, I am just in love with it. I could ride around on the Underground all day, jumped on and off trains and discovering new places. As soon as you walk down the steps and into a station the warm air hits your face, whirls around your ears and the metallic smell fills your nose. The warm air is so comforting especially after bracing the harsh cold air of overground London. The sparks flying from the tracks, the screech of the breaks and the clicks from the wheels as the train pulls into a station. I love the mixture of mysterious faces all travelling on the maze of destinations, everyone on their own personal silent missions with expressionless faces. I find funny that on the London Underground most people travel as if they are ghosts who are completely unaware of each other. They just read their papers, apply their make up or play games on their phones. Hundreds of lives together in close silence. I don’t know why I find this atmosphere so nice when it is actually quite depressing.

When I met my husband in person for the first time we travelled a lot on the Underground, the memories of sitting besides my future husband for the first time might have something to do with my love for that network of public transport.

Big Ben on the Thames

This is such an important period of my life, transitioning from life in England to life in India. I know there will no doubt be challenges to face and problems to overcome but it is so important to embrace life and not to be scared of the ‘what if’s. Whilst in London this week I saw something written on a white board in one of the Underground stations that is so relevant to this period of my life. It is so essential to follow your dreams even if people tell you your dream is stupid. The good thing about mistakes though is that you learn from them. I know in my heart that moving to India is the best decision I could have made, any people who think that I am making a mistake should care about me enough to know living in fear of mistakes is the biggest mistake.

beautiful reflections on the Thames

From reflecting to reflections. The London skyline is always so beautiful, that beauty is doubled when the lights are reflected in the Thames. Walking along the Thames at night, my friend and I had such a fun time. Unfortunately it wasn’t all fun, as we walked over Westminster bride a man dressed as Charlie Chaplin hit me on the bottom with a cane. I screamed and ran away from him and to my absolute surprise he started to chase me and kept hitting my bottom with this stick whilst whistling!! It was so surreal to be running past Big Ben with Charlie Chaplin on my tail hitting my bottom! It really hurt!! We laughed about it after getting over the shock!

Meeting friends in London

The last stop before saying goodbye and going back home was Trafalgar square. The 25 metre tall Christmas tree was stunning, next to the tree was a small nativity scene and you could really feel the Christmas spirit! I am so glad I got the chance to see my best friends and my best places before I left England.

Trafalgar square at Christmas

This will probably be my last post before I leave England on the 27th so…

 Merry Christmas from England everyone, and a Happy New Year from India!


  1. I loved this post! I lived in London for a year and your description of the tube is dead on. I also loved the tube. In fact, during my year in London it was the only time in my life I´ve ever taken the time to read the news on paper, because of the tube. I also loved how you could go anywhere, given my terrible sense of direction, and the many faces seen and languages heard. And I loved that quote they wrote. Sorry the Chaplin incident occurred, but it sounds hilarious.


  2. Hi Lauren

    How are you & most of all how was your Wedding? Please excuse me for not checking with you earlier. I would want to know all beautiful details of your awesome wedding. May god bless you both .You two look so cute together .

    My website has completed 3 months today . So in the spirit of the celebration I am acknowledging all those who have been a part of my blog .I have nominated you for the Sweet sharing Wordsmith award. Hope you acknowledge it 🙂

    Looking forward to hear from you soon 🙂


  3. Hi Lauren, those are wonderful pics all of them. Wish I could visit London someday, I absolutely love that place and also the climate 🙂


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