A Series of Cake Related Disasters

My husband recently bought me an oven so I could make some of the Western dishes I have been craving. As it’s Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a perfect idea to make my husband some surprise Valentine’s cupcakes for when he arrived home from work.

Disaster #1.

I checked I had all the necessary ingredients for my surprise, I smiled when I saw we had everything in stock! I went to shower and get ready for the day, during that time someone took one of the two eggs I needed for my recipe.

Never mind, one egg will have to do. I continued to make the cupcakes with one egg. I made them with the juice from Nagpur oranges and grated coconut, they smelt delicious.

Disaster #2.

My mother-in-law arrived home just as I took the cupcakes out of the oven, she took her phone out of her handbag and immediately called my husband to tell him I had made cakes. Surprise Valentine’s cupcakes were no longer a surprise.

We didn’t have anything in the house to put on top of the cupcakes so I when to the local supermarket to get some dairy milk chocolate. Melted chocolate poured over cupcakes is really yummy.  On my way to the supermarket a school bus stopped next to me to drop off some of the children. The children waiting in the bus were all waving at me and shouting ‘Hello Didi!’ (elder sister), it was extremely cute, I waved back to their beautiful smiley faces.

Disaster #3.

I returned home and started to melt the chocolate but I couldn’t find the cupcakes, they had been moved somewhere. I then realised that they had actually been eaten, there must have been a misunderstanding somewhere. The cupcakes fell victim to the language barrier.

At this point I cried but at least I had a saucepan of half melted chocolate to comfort me whilst I waited for my husband to return from his office. I really wish I could have communicated the fact they were my Valentine’s Surprise for my husband.

Disaster #4.

My husband also had a cake surprise. He bought a whole cake for me on his way home from work. He arrived home but as he stopped the car, the cake fell down from the dashboard. The cake was completely squashed.

He went straight out again and got me a new cake, a heart-shaped black forest gateaux with my name on it! Such a sweetheart. We ate the cake together and  laughed about our Valentine’s day of cake related disasters. Third cake lucky.

A series of cake related disasters



  1. Hi Lauren. I’m enjoying your blog and I am admiring your positive attitude. It really helps that your husband is so supportive. I wonder if you can use google translate to make simple sentences in Hindi that might explain some hard to express things like “I want to make a surprise cake for my husband” ? Although google can mess it up sometimes, it might help?!


    • Hello! Thank you so much for reading and your kind words!!
      My in-laws so understand English to a certain extent but struggle with my accent and think I say one thing when I have actually said another. When I have attempted to speak Marathi they have laughed at me, there is no nastiness to it but it makes me feel self conscious.

      I need to try and find a way to communicate more, they do also understand Hindi and I am thinking of learning that instead of Marathi (their mother tongue), I already know some words and there are so much more resources to learn Hindi.

      I hope you are well!! 😀 x


      • I know what you mean about the giggling. I’m very self conscious when I try and learn a language. Nepali is killing me because the sentence construction is so different. I know the giggling is mostly about amazement that their language is coming out of your mouth, but its difficult at first to feel laughed at. All the best, Caroline


  2. God… had it been me i would have cried out loud and made everyone who ate it feel bad bad bad…
    HA HA HA..
    I guess that’s easy to say coz i am yet not married..
    But so sweet your husband went back again to buy another cake..


      • of course..
        But tell me how much of marathi have you learned?? I really suggest u learn basic sentences so that at least you can communicate in SOS situations..
        Or find a friend other than your husband, to talk to on phone who can help you convert sentences in marathi at such surprise situations…


  3. Have you read the pleasure seekers? It reminds me a little of your situation. Not the cakes but the whole idea of adopting a whole other lifestyle and culture? I admire your attitude by the way! And keep smiling! 🙂


  4. Awwww newlyweds are so cute 🙂 This is our second married Valentine’s and we spent it watching a House of Cards marathon 😛

    Your cake looks delicious! And don’t worry; you’ll have plenty more chances to use the oven 🙂


  5. Glad all came out okay. Your husband is a real sweetie!

    I have never used it but have seen Rosetta Stone for learning languages. It seems better to learn Hindi since they know Hindi, too, and that seems to be the most common language. There are also translating machines I am sure you can buy online– I see one reasonably priced at Amazon:


    Don’t despair. My grandparents often didn’t understand each other!! They spoke two different dialects of Sicilian.

    xx ellen


    • Hi Ellen!!

      I am slowly coming to the realisation that learning Hindi would be much more useful! More people speak it and I can learn from Bollywood and Hindi sounds nice to my ears!

      Wow, I had never heard of such a machine before!!! 😀

      I hope you are well! x


  6. Whoaaa…. your cup cakes must be delicious to be eaten away… how nice! but I feel sad that your surprise was ruined ..oh well.. at the end you had great time after such a disaster. Happy Belated Valentines day dear!


  7. Omg! That is some serious series of bad luck and frustration! I’m sorry your surprise didn’t work out but I’m glad you guys still got to enjoy some cake together. Indians love their sweets, you gotta be careful leaving them out hehe. I had to keep my chocolate in a special place.


  8. You don’t really need to learn Hindi if its that tough for you . You can probably learn the India accent for speaking English and that will help almost everywhere ( disclaimer : everywhere doesn’t include 98% of the places 😀 ) But that still will be easier haha .


  9. Dear Lauren,
    Every country is having their own kind of accent especially when they’re speaking in English.So no need to speak English in an Indian accent. May be they’ll get offended. Better as you said try to learn Hindi. You can learn it asap and also majority number of people in India are speaking only in Hindi. Best of luck with that.
    And I want to tell you something. Many people (Interracial couple) were writing blogs nowadays. But only few of them (You, Madh-mama, American Punjaban and few others) are expressing their views in a rhythmic way which attracts the blog readers like me. Of course it helps us to share our views with you. So keep it up and god bless you and your family.


  10. Dear Lauren,
    Every country is having their own kind of accent especially when they’re speaking in English.So no need to speak English in an Indian accent. May be they’ll get offended. Better as you said try to learn Hindi. You can learn it asap and also majority number of people in India are speaking only in Hindi. Best of luck with that.
    And I want to tell you something. Many people (Interracial couple) were writing blogs nowadays. But only few of them (You, Madh-mama, American Punjaban and few others) are expressing their views in a rhythmic way which attracts the blog readers like me. Of course it helps us to share our views with you. So keep it up and god blesses you and your family.


    • I would be quite offended if people spoke Hindi to me in an English accent (after I have learnt it to some degree) so I can completely understand.

      Thank you so so so much for your kind words!! Your comment made me smile!!

      Take care and God bless, to you and yours!!


  11. Hello,
    I totally agree with the decision to learn Hindi instead of Marathi, given the abundance of learning resources. Also the payoff is huge, other than a couple of southern indian states, you can manage with Hindi across the country !


  12. 🙂 Disasters can happen any day, yours was the first but it happened with us too, even though for us it was our 12th valentine day together this year.

    We had an wedding invitation for the 14th evening. We planned that my wife and kids will pick me up from office since the venue for wedding was closer to my office. A surprise rain which started on 13th night kept on and off throughout the 14th – my wife rightly suggested that maybe we should skip the wedding, but I stubbornly decided to stick with the plan.

    While I waited in the office, wife and kids were stuck in the office hour traffic on the road. The traffic was worst because of rains, by the time wife and kids reached my office it was already 10pm, and it was still raining, we decided to head back home rather than the wedding venue. Wife was fuming by this time because they had spend more than 3 hours on the road which turned out to be a useless exercise.

    And it kept getting worse… We reached Haldiram’s (an Indian food chain) there was a long queue, after waiting for 15 minutes we were told that kitchen is not taking any more orders.

    Feeling angry, hungry and thoroughly disappointed we returned back to our car. Fortunately our son saw the sign of Sagar Ratna (south Indian food chain) nearby and they were kind enough to let us enter and place our orders (the last guests for the evening) – the people were kind and did not try to shoo us away, despite the kids taking a long time deciding on what they wanted to eat :-). Food was really awesome, if that was any consolation.

    We reached home well after midnight, wife was still pretty upset with me and continued to give me the silent treatment till the next morning when I messed up in the kitchen trying to cook a Spanish omelette. And there I realized why she was so upset – she had actually made preparation for a nice V day dinner at home and wanted to surprise us all with her new donuts shaped cupcakes 🙂 …

    We were able to taste the yummy tiny cupcake donuts on Saturday. She is crazy about her cupcakes too 🙂


    • Awwww, so we had a similar experience this Valentines day! Women and their cupcakes!! It is so frustrating when a surprise doesn’t go to plan!

      The first cake my husband bought was from Haldiram’s!! 😀

      I hope we all have better luck next Valentine’s day!!

      I hope you are well, take care



  13. Someone ate your surprise. All sounds familiar. I’ve had plenty of similar things happen and I do feel bad too. And after I’d stressed that the puppy must only be given puppy food specially bought, today it was given bread and mayonnaise. Sometimes I think I will end up in a mental hospital here


    • Oh no, it’s annoying when other people feed your pets with dangerous food!! Eaak!

      I worry about when I have children and people want to stuff them with too many sweets haha. I will have to have eyes like a hawk!! I hope you are well and haven’t been admitted yet 😛


      • Great to hear from you Lauren. We’re having another cold snap up here so I’m already in bed with a hot water bottle. I.m still fighting against people giving my dog treats Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Yes watch all those sweets and sticky stuff. It’s so unhealthy.


  14. Just found your blog and loved it! i really admire your optimism and the positive attitude towards all the adjustments youll have to make! I am Mexican married to and Indian but living in Australia at the moment. For the short periods of time i have spent in India i can totally relate to the frustration one can feel from the language barrier.
    My MIL always uses the verb “coming” to say someone is here, so for the first 100 times she would come to my room saying someone was coming to the house to meet me and i just would lay in bed waiting for the guest to arrive, until i was told it was very rude to keep guests waiting for so long was when i realized “uncle is coming” actually meant “uncle is here” haha.


    • Hi Aida!

      Thank you so much for your comment!! How funny, I had a similar experience recently! My MIL said ‘we are going to see the doctor now’ so I was getting ready to go out, put my shoes on and everything, took quite a while about it too.

      I left my room and he was sitting in our living room!! Haha!!

      Thank you so much again for your comment! I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog!!

      I hope you and your husband are well!!! Take care and best wishes ❤


  15. I enjoyed reading so many posts of your blog today, your blog and the beautiful rainy weather made my day 🙂 My best wishes are with you, your husband and your family ( both here and the one in England 😉 Enjoy India 🙂


  16. About that cake thing…….myself as an person from a family of 10 members, it happens everytime. 😀 Well that’s what joint family is about.
    Here’s a tip: Always be prepared anything for more people.


  17. OMG somebody ate your cup cakes… I’d have cried and made the person who ate it also cry(maybe). lol. It just goes beyond me. But hats off to your positive attitude. Pass it to me too 😛


  18. Hey,

    ur husband is such a sweetheart!
    d cake luks yummy 🙂

    btw, if you want quick help in communicating something important, write to me
    i can translate it to Marathi for u 😛 😛 😛


  19. Well, it’s not anywhere close to Valentine’s Day, but who cares?! 😀 I ♥♥♥ed your story and disasters. They reminded me of my recent disasters and that everything can still be okay. Isn’t life ridiculous sometimes? 😀 With all the recent ridiculosity, I have started wondering if the universe is trying to tell/teach me something. 🙂


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