10 moments in India I wish I could have caught on camera

I haven’t taken as many photos as I wish I had, this has always been the case. I always regret not capturing those moments that just make my head spin or my heart flutter. The moments below were not caught on camera for various reason. For some of them I didn’t have a camera, others I was too in the moment to think of taking a photograph and many, many things simply cannot be captured on film.

A couple of husband related ones…

1. Meeting my husband in Mumbai Airport for the first time

The love I felt that day, in that moment, was immeasurable. I saw him through teary eyed exhaustion as he ran towards me in that crowded terminal at five in the morning. I was paralysed with relief as he hugged me, I was finally home in his arms. The pain and suffering I had to face during the months leading up to that moment had been so tough on my mind, body and soul, events I am not prepared to share on my blog. In his embrace, I came as close as I think I could ever come to feeling like a solider coming home from war.

2. The feeling when I became his wife

We exchanged marigold garlands inside the beautiful stone temple, it felt magical. My husband then applied sindoor to my forehead. I get goosebumps thinking about it even now. Just us and God, and we were united as husband and wife.

A few Indian weather related ones…

3. My first monsoon rain

I had never seen rain like it. Living in England my whole life, I had seen many different shades of rain; the misty rain that gets you surprisingly wet, the fast rain that stings your face, the rain that somehow comes up from the ground, the freezing cold down pours and those delightful April showers.

Never in my life had I experienced hot rain, hot powerful rain which smelt like flowers. I stood with the window open and let the rain fall on my face. Monsoon rains are spectacular.

4. The thunderstorm that lasted all night 

When I was a child, I was fascinated with Greek mythology. I would think that thunder was Zeus (Father of the Gods and God of the skies), sitting in the clouds in an angry rage (I also thought it rained when Zeus was sad), if that was the case, Zeus is livid in India.

I sat up all night watching my first Indian thunderstorm, the thunder was so loud it felt as if the room was shaking, the lightening lit up the whole room. I sat cross legged on my bed with the window open and watched the night sky light up, the lightening flying, it was as if Zeus had smashed the heavens with a sledge hammer. The dark blue nights sky crashed and was then scattered into pieces as the lightening tore through the sky.

5. Pink lightening

I had been sitting in the temple for longer than I had planned, the sun was now setting. The sky turned to shades of pink and purple and the air was thick. I looked down at my feet as I walked down the road, a flash of light made me look up. Cracks of lightening broke through the pink clouds, the wind started to pick up suddenly, I could feel the electricity in the air.  I made it home just before the rain fell.

Some divine moments…

6. Goddess Durga

The first temple I went to on my own was a Goddess Durga temple. We drive passed this particular temple most days, its always busy. I took off of my shoes and made my way to the marble steps, I held the threshold to my heart and rang the big brass bell. I was the only one in the temple, just me and the deities. I walked across the marble floor to the Goddess Durga idol and put my hands together. I looked into her eyes and everything else seemed to disappear. I felt peace wash over my body, as if the tide was coming in.

I left the temple feeling as light as a feather, as if I had white angel wings.

7. Hanuman and the mountain of grapes

I was waiting in our car as my husband when to the ATM to get some cash. I looked out of the window and saw a man pushing a cart down the road. A mountain of fresh green grapes were lying on the baby blue cart, shining in the sunlight. There were thousands of grapes, piled up so high. At the bottom of the huge pile of grapes sat a small statue of Lord Hanuman, in front of him a single large hibiscus flower, deep red, had been lovingly placed.

This instantly reminded me of the Ramayana. During the battle between Ravana (the demon-king who stole beautiful Sita) and Lord Ram (Sita’s husband), Lord Ram’s brother, Laxman, got hit with an arrow. The doctor told Lord Ram that Laxman could be saved it if smelt a herb called sanjivani“from the mountain Gandhamadan. Lord Hanuman instantly went to the mountain but he could not find the herb, instead he uprooted the entire mountain and brought it to Laxman.

The list would not be complete without a couple of holy cow memories

8. The white calf 

We have a whole herd of cows who live in our neighborhood, the shed where they sleep at night is only close by. I was lucky enough to see a beautiful sight, a small white calf with big, deep black and round eyes eating a wilted marigold garland. I have an affection for both cows and marigold garlands (after my marriage) so this sight put the biggest smile on my face.

9. The newborn calf 

Whilst walking to a boutique to get my bridal blouses stitched we passed a large chocolate brown cow lying down, relaxing. I looked again and saw the smallest calf I have ever seen, days old, she still had her umbilical cord dangling down. She stood so small, as close as she could be to her mother, she was the same chocolate brown colour.

…and finally something I did catch on camera but wish I had caught on film.

10. The Labrador on a moped

My husband and I were driving to the market to buy some fruit and vegetables. At first, it looked as if the uncle in front was carrying a white bag but then we noticed, the bag had a face!! The Labrador was looking around, enjoying the night sights of Nagpur, seemingly having a fabulous time!

dog on a moped funny India


  1. What a lovely post! It makes me think about the many moments in my life (especially here in China) that I wish I had captured on camera myself. But it is splendid that you captured these moments in your heart and then through your words in this post.


  2. I am in LDR for 2 years and in relationship itself …man, I dont remember.. I guess for 4 years and I have no photos of me and my bf together at all, because we promised never officialize our relationship. But I remember every special moment of us being together as it happend today. So I understand you who is keeping everything in your mind. And I can say, that photos are not important as long as you have a good memory 😛


  3. Hi Lauren, this is such a lovely post!! So full of beautiful images. It really reminds me of so many moments I have experienced while travelling for the first time in various countries!


  4. Lauren,

    Great post, this one made me think! I know when I have gone on vacations in the past when I taken a picture of a mountain or scenery and not kept a journal or written on the back of a picture where I was, over time I forget! That is the beauty of journaling or video tapping an event in addition to photos. Pictures capture a second of time that is past. The most important thing is, you spend more time getting that great photo rather than experiencing the event.

    Great post,

    Hope both of you are well.



    • Dear Melissa!

      You are right, I have only recently, since starting this blog, been writing. I am currently writing a book and when reflecting on parts of my life before I met my husband, it takes me a while for the memories to come back. It is also quite therapeutic to journal!

      Thank you so much again.

      Lots of love



  5. Lovely post! As a photographer myself, some moments are just too sacred to film, and some don’t even translate like the way we experienced them. I am trained in documentary photography and I always have a camera on me, even if it’s just my smartphone camera! India is a photographer’s dream, with so many eccentricities on the road. Not to mention is is simply the most colorful place on Earth!
    P.S. I found yet another thing we have in common……I was obsessed with Greek mythology when I was a child! I would read volumes of it! 😀


    • Thank you so much, Alexandra!

      I agree, some moments are way too sacred and the camera can only capture so much. Writing can capture so moments better than photography!

      Wow! I was completely obsessed with Greek Mythology, the Roman and now Indian. I just love it, I also love how you can see the parallels i.e..Athena is Saraswati who is also Minerva.

      I love it!! I hope you and your beautiful family are well!

      Lots of love

      Lauren x


  6. I LOVE thunderstorms. I could just envision how amazing it must have been sitting there during that storm. I kind of pictured myself back in my room in India experiencing it myself. I don’t recall ever being there for any serious storms though I am sure I would have loved it.


  7. Hi Lauren !!
    Its great to see you and your blogpost (though I accidentaly came overhere !!). Its good to see you enjoying your life here in India. I have to say you have got a great hold on Hindu Mythology. I don’t knnow who your instructor is, but he/she is great with the details :).
    Enjoy !


  8. Inspiring post! I’d love to visit India and when I do I will try hard to capture everything on film (my memory isn’t that great but I also love having photos to look back on)
    Following you on Twitter so I can read more! 🙂 Selina @ MightyTravels


  9. Please keep writing. The way words are selected and used is quite impressive. Would like to read more. Good luck!


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