Mango Season, I Will Miss You

You may have heard me talk about how much I am craving some tasty treats from England, foods that India has little interest in. Whilst I still have day dreams about Branston pickle, I can now say that my favourite taste in the entire world is that of sweet Alphonso mangoes. I have even named our Pug after them!

I’ve always liked mangoes, you can buy them in British supermarkets all year round. Those imported mangoes could not prepare me for the taste of an Alphonso mango. The best way to describe the taste? Well, imagine a juicy mango flavoured honey. A taste so divine, it could be used as proof that God exists. The flesh of Alphonso mangoes have a beautiful colour, a rich orange, the same colour as one of my bridal sarees.

Saree sisters!

Mangoes have been the only advantage of the unbearable summer, it has reached 48oC here (imagine walking into an oven) and so I have been isolated to air conditioning. Isolated to air conditioning, eating mangoes, up to eight a day! Eating so many mangoes has caused me a couple of acne break outs, but I don’t mind. The rains have come, with them they have brought the relief of a cooler climate and the despair that mango season is coming to an end.

My cute pug puppy called alfonso in his alphonso mangos box

Last month, the European Union imposed a ban on importation of Alphonso mangoes, apparently they brought in some non-European pests. I am certain that there will now be people in Europe, day dreaming of Alphonso mangoes, just like me and my Branston pickle.


  1. My FIL is so heartbroken about the lack of Alphonso mangoes here in the UK, he looks like grumpy cat every time we have any others. Last year our nephew brought back a 20kg suitcase full of them!


  2. I have always wanted to taste a non imported mango. Sadly I have never been to India (or anywhere mangoes grow) during mango season 😦


  3. So glad you are happier and bet you will be glad when the cooler season comes. 48c is pretty serious heat. Alfonso is very adorable. How nice to have a four-legged friend. In some ways they are the best! Enjoy your weekend. xxx ellen


  4. I share your LOVE of Alphonso mangos! I could eat them all day long. My MiL buys local Nepali mangos, which are smaller (albeit equally tasty), but I still prefer Alphonso ones. Probably because they are larger 🙂

    I also have to say: the pug is adorable! I am so jealous. I want one too!


  5. I miss mangoes & I’ve never been to India! I used to buy honey mangoes in Tooting market, adore them…probably couldn’t manage 8 a day though!


  6. Wow, so there are no mangoes in India? Please don’t tell me this is true! LOL… I’m surprised it’s not an imported product, since it is a delicious fruit. I learn something new


  7. Mango is definitely my favorite fruit and I grew up eating quite a few of them originated from Mexico. I heard about the mango ban in Europe and felt sad for people there. What I read is that all they found was fruit flies and that was enough to create the ban apparently, it was a “better safe than sorry” kind of thing.


  8. So funny you posted this – I have been on a mango kick lately as well! Here in San Diego we get delicious mangoes from Mexico so have been eating one every day for the past week. I would love to try an Alphonso when I go to India one day! Hope all is well!!


  9. Haha your pug is really cute. I totally understand the emotion in relation to Alphonsoes. I am an Indian living in HK… and crave them so much! We can get mangoes all year round here as well… but they don’t compare to those back home. We get back a box whenever we go to India… but they can only last so long. I think this year’s crop was just fantastic! Alphnso season is past, but there’ll be some other varieties available for some time.


      • I lost my five year old Labrador to illness, This April. And life is soo empty without him. I dont even feel like getting a new pet coz i think it would be unfair to him… But looking at Alphonsos pictures makes me really happy… Plz upload more pictures of him on instagram.


      • Awwww I am so sorry for your loss. I have a family dog in England called Tula, she is a golden retriever.

        I am sure your dog will want you to be happy so don’t feel guilty about getting another one.

        Sending you lots of love

        Lauren xxx (I will try to upload more soon, I don’t have any 3G at the moment haha!)


  10. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    and My dog’s Name was Joy.. He’d be so mad at us if we even touched any other Dog. So i think for at least a year i wont get one.. Not sure about future though.. But for now i’e virtually adopted alphonso.. I keep coming back to see him.. Muaah. Give him my love.
    Take care.


  11. Lovely post.. and I miss the mango season too. I keep thinking, that Mangoes are the most yummiest fruit God has ever created and I long for mango season every year.! 🙂 And now, I’m in love with ur “Alphonso”- such a lovely name for a pug! Cute pic ❤


  12. Alphonso mangoes are just awesome! Since I had them in India a few years back I am in love with them. They are just the most amazing fruit in the world! If I visit my parents in-law at the end of the mango season I always request them to keep some for me. Can’t visit India without having at least one Alphonso mango 😀


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