Pugs Love Sarees

Several failed attempts, a few safety-pin injuries and a couple of swear words later, I can now successfully drape my own saree (this weekend we attended an engagement)! Along the way, I had a little helper… Alfonso. Scared that he would damage my saree, I stood on the bed. Desperate as he is to do it, he still isn’t tall enough to get himself up there yet.

Alfonso has a naughty habit of trying to hitch a ride on our maids sarees and was absolutely delighted to see that I was now wearing one too. Now what to do? I stood stranded on the bed with my lovable little piranha looking up at me with his doe eyes.

So, I had to carry him around whilst wearing it (he was not amused!). I will have to wait until he has grown out of his hanging from saree pallu habit before being able to wear a saree around the house. 
pink and orange saree, holding my cute pug. Also wearing sindoor, mogra and a smile

Hasn’t Alfonso grown so much in the last six weeks? He is growing everyday, in size and in mischief! Alfonso is such a good boy, he knows his name, knows where to go to toilet and he can now get down from the bed by himself (still cannot get up yet, thankfully). He is always so cuddly to anyone he is feeling upset, an absolute sweetheart.

Unfortunately, he still enjoys hanging from sarees. Alfonso is going to have to gift our maids (his best friends!) new ones if he carries on like this! 

Our pug family photo! Our intercultural, interracial, international, interspecies family!
Family photo


  1. Beautiful Sari! 🙂 That is so funny about him catching a ride on the sari! i want to see lol! You must capture a picture of him doing this to the maids lol 🙂


  2. Hi Lauren

    I was extremely delighted to see your blog covered by Times OF India Sunday edition . It is well deserved . You writing is so pure & straight from art . Always a delight to read your posts . Keep in touch & keep spreading your charm on all the Indian Bahus ( I am sure you understood .It means Indian Daughter in laws 🙂 )



  3. नमस्कार!
    साडी आणि वेणी दोन्ही उत्तम आहे!!
    पुन्हा भेटू! 🙂


  4. You look gorgeous and Alfonso seems to be a dream. We had a wonderful, loving pooch, too, for about 9 years. We adopted my mother’s dog and Koko lived to be 17 and a half. What a beautiful family photo! Truly all three of you look radiantly happy and so attractive!


  5. Hey Lauren, I love the way you look in a saree, but how u manage to hang on to Alfonso in a saree (so well worn with every pleat in placed) – and still look so confident – and is quite a mystery. Do u only wear sarees? What about salwar suits? And have you completely forsaken western wear such as skirts and trousers?


  6. A friend recommended practicing tying the sari during some free time. Practice makes you perfect 🙂 Go for it! Remember it’s only some gorgeous fabric that you have to drape into one of the most elegant outfits in the world!


  7. Nice to read about a fellow Nagpuri(I don’t live there anymore, but my parents are from there)-I live in Kerala now so I never get used to the temperature of Nagpur when I visit my relatives-How do you manage the 45 degree C temperature in the summer?
    P.S.: This isn’t my real name-I’m a private guy


  8. Oh No!! Fortunately, my Pups have no desire to
    ‘Play’ in or with my Sari’s. However, my Kitties
    are Another Story! I bought a GORGEOUS, Vintage (from approx.
    the 1940’s or 1950’s, I’m still Researching) Sewn & Stitched
    by Hand, (Down to the very last Sequins) Indian Bridal
    Gown, which I plan to wear for when my Husband &
    I do our Vow Renewal, it only cost me $15 (US Dollars)!!!
    Someone clearly was not aware of what TREASURE
    it was! I’d like to think they Donated it hoping for
    Someone Else to Love… I have a Hook on my
    Walk In Closet Door, to hang what I’m going to wear for the day,
    or if I need to have Dry-Cleaned, or take to the Tailor (I’m 5’7
    and Slender, so I have to have things Tailored often) my Kitties
    LOVE to jump, claws open, grab & hang onto my
    clothes! I’m not certain if they are attracted to the
    Shiny Sequins (a few of my Sari’s are more Formal
    and “Dressier” for Holidays, etc) or the Texture (Sequins, Tiny
    Circular Mirror Embellishments) but one of my 2
    Short-Sleeved (VERY Difficult to find in the Deep
    South of US) was DESTROYED! I even cried about it
    because I had only worn it ONCE. Needless to say,
    but, I can no longer hang them anywhere except
    IN the Closet and have to shut the door, or I may
    lose more to being Kitty Play-Things! My Good Friend,
    (Also my Neighbor) also has a Pug (Female) named
    “Lee-Lou” (Named after Milla Jovivich’s Character
    in the Film, “The 5th Element”) She is also VERY
    Mischievous! Perhaps it is a Pug trait? She’s about
    6 months old & looks just like your Alfonso! Pugs
    are SO Intelligent and SUPER Cute! I would LOVE
    One, but we already have 2 Cats & 2 Dogs, and with
    My Husband being in the Military, we live in Military
    Quarters that have Pet Limits. For Example, we are
    Moving in 2 weeks from Georgia to Colorado,
    and are only allowed 2 pets; the other 2 we have to
    pay “Pet Rent” and a Deposit of $150 (US Dollars)
    for each additional animal, plus an extra $50/month
    in “Pet Rent”!!! We never had to pay that here in
    I LOVE your Blog! I read each time a new Posting
    Occurs, I’ve just not ever Commented before now 🙂
    Namaste, ~Deb


    • Namaste Deb,

      Thank you so much for finally commenting 😀 so glad to meet you!

      WOWWW what a bargain find and how distressing that your baby did that to your saree! That is why I cannot wear my sarees at the moment, well not whilst he is teething. Pugs are mischievous but calm down a lot with age. Wouldn’t change him for the world hehe!

      Would LOVE to see your bargain find… sounds amazing!!

      Wow, pet rent,sounds so weird haha. Good luck on your move to Colorado!! Safe trip!

      Thank you so so much for reading, I really appreciate it!!

      Take care, lots of love xxx


  9. Fonso and family looks really cute in the picture. My German Shepherd Rambo as a kid had a really bad habit of spraying front doors (marking the area of domination by urine) of everybody’s houses including our own. One day i caught him redhanded, gave two tight slaps on his butt. Boy he never repeated it again. :-/ you have got to be a little tough sometimes with your loved ones.


  10. Hahha.. your post reminded me how my dog loved to play with the saree of our maid. At that time, my labrador Oscar was just 4 months old and he could easily hide himself in the pleates of the saree. LOL
    By the way, I came across your blog for the first time and it felt awesome to read about your life. 🙂 Keep posting. I am going to come back to read more stuff. 🙂
    Also, have a look at this blog on Indian Fashion. Maybe you can find some more sarees for yourself 😉 😛 http://sareeguide.com/


  11. […] The younger maid from my mother-in-law’s place owns a bicycle and she volunteered to come over and make the roti every morning for us, result! I knew her, I was comfortable with her and she speaks a little bit of English, this was a perfect arrangement. We live less than 1km from my in-laws place so it wasn’t too much of a hassle for her to come and she always enjoyed playing with Alfonso. […]


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