Emergency Vet Trip

Just as I was getting over the shock of my husband being rushed to hospital, I woke up this morning and Alfonso couldn’t walk properly, limping around. Absolutely beside myself, we had to rush him to the vets. 

My husband has been working in the desert state of Rajasthan for over a week now, we don’t know when he will be able to come back home. It has been such a difficult week, I have been missing him so much. The uncertainty of when he will return has driven me crazy! Alfonso has helped tremendously, cuddling me at night and waking me up in the morning. We’ve been having lovely little walks around our neighborhood, all the children out playing  absolutely adore him (even if most of them are a little nervous).  Alfonso and I have become the piped pipers of Nagpur, groups of children follow us around,  hypnotised by his cuteness.

Alfonso has really been my rock, my comfort blanket and my clown. This morning, he wasn’t smiling or creating his usual mischief and he wasn’t pulling my hair because he was eager for his breakfast. As soon as I saw him limping around, unable to put any weight on his foot, I panicked, cried, held him so tightly and then cried some more. I wished my husband was home, I didn’t want to get bad news without him.

A very sick little pug! Time to go to the vet!
My poor little baby…

I really worried that there would be no emergency vet hospitals around, I kicked myself for not finding out sooner. Luckily we found one and now know where it is, he has all the facilities a human hospital would have, it’s great!

Thank God, he is okay. The vet reassured me that it is a muscular problem which will sort itself out in time. He had an injection and some tablets. No more mischief for him, strict rest and relaxation for Mr. Alfonso.

Throughout the day he has started putting weight back on his foot, I thank God a thousand times that he is fine. He has become such a huge part of my life, I love him so dearly, his little face and adorably quirky personality. I am still a little nervous that this problem will return, at least now we know where to go. Don’t scare your Mummy like that again, Alfonso.


  1. How are you and your mother-in-law getting along these days? (I’m just thinking it must be especially hard for you, with your husband away, if you are shutting yourself away all the time in your bedroom.) Do you spend time with her? Do you talk? Do you eat with your parents-in-law when your husband is not there (like when he was in hospital)?


  2. Have you taken alphonso for necessary vet vaccinations yet for taking precautions against rabies etc. diseases?
    Pardon for wrong grammar


  3. I’m glad that Alfonso (and your husband, too) is okay! Leave it to the men in our lives to be very dramatic, huh?! I know from experience that it takes a bit of time to find good doctors, vets, dentists, etc. in a new place, so you are doing well.
    Take care, Susan


    • Hey Susan,
      Thank you so much for your comment. YES, the two men in my life don’t have worry me to death!! When we move to another city, it will be one of the first things we do, find good animal and human hospitals!!

      I hope you are well,

      Lots of love, Lauren x


  4. @Lauren

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