Monkey Poop on my Head: Is it Lucky?

In England, it is said that if a bird poops on your head, it’s going to bring you some good luck. But, what if it’s a huge monkey who see’s you from high up in a tree and defecates on your head? Is that also lucky? My initial feeling is that it’s a case of extreme bad luck to have poo fall on you from the sky.

It took me several seconds to realise what had just happened, at first I thought someone had thrown a rock at me! After inspecting a piece which had falling onto my hand (which was outstretched as I was holding Alfonso’s lead), I looked up and saw a big monkey bottom. More pieces of poop started to fall, so I ran away, covered in the warm, smelly monkey poop.

monkey bum, the source of the lucky or unlucky poop!
The culprit, shamelessly waving his bottom at me. I am beyond certain he did it on purpose!

Anyone who has been pooped on by a bird is usually told immediately that the smelly situation is very lucky. If the pooed upon then protests, ‘but, how is getting covered in bird poop going to bring me good fortune?’, a common response to this obvious question is ‘well, you’re lucky that horses can’t fly!’.

Well, monkeys too can’t fly (well, Lord Hanuman could in the Ramayana), but they do climb trees. Trees which I casually walk under with no idea of the risks. Hinduism has so many auspicious signs and symbols (swastik, rangoli, holy basil etc.), I wonder if this is one of them.

Do we just tell people who are pooped on that it’s really lucky just to try and add a little silver lining to a disgusting situation? Should I be buying a lottery ticket today? Have you been pooped on and then have something lucky happen?


  1. The lucky-horses-can’t-fly line will never, ever get old. Hilarious every time.

    I reckon you should count it lucky. Unless the monkey is carrying some emerging new disease which is transmissible by the oro-faecal (oro-capital?) route. Then you’re probably lucky if you don’t get it.


  2. Hilarious Lauren. Thomas and me were peed on by a lion in a cage on the main square in Brest when he was a toddler!! Does that count??


  3. Oh nice… I think it works like this: when a bird poops on your head, you get some luck in return for some humiliation. Monkeys are way bigger and eat way grosser things (sorry, maybe you don’t want to think about that but too late), so their poop is bigger and worser. Ergo, you get more luck in return for receiving monkey poop on your head. Way to go 😉


  4. @lauren

    I warned u about Indian monkeys. This is definitely post colonial aggression conspiracy against u. I suggest u listen to “hanuman chalisa” on Tuesdays which is Lord hanuman’s day to protect against monkeys. You need divine intervention. Lol


  5. Ha omg! I like your questioning at the end. I feel like the answer to the first question is yes, silver lining… It made me laugh that you are certain he did it on purpose and I believe it. Monkeys can be jackasses. I hope it doesn’t happen again. 😉


  6. So disgusting when it happens. I’ve had bird goo on my head/shirt twice in the past few months when I’ve taken Flocky for a walk to the nearby Hindi Temple. I’d rather stay unlucky and not have it.


  7. Oh boy. Yuckers! I’ve had bird poop land on my head whilst hatted, my jacket and my shoulder. Why? Why?! I felt faaar from lucky. A gecko fell on my head inside our house in Thailand. No poop but it scared the bajeebers out of me! My neighbors said I was super lucky. I don’t know about that but it makes a good story! 😀


  8. Don’t wory …monkey is close relative of us…so he too want to touch a beautiful lady. By the way it’s a myth that if monkey touch your head then you get the bless of Lord Ram


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