Ganesh Visarjan: Lord Ganesh Goes Home

As the sun started to set, it was time for our clay Lord Ganesh idol to be immersed and I really did not want him to go. After ten days of adoration and worship, we now had to drop him into the lake. I have to admit, I didn’t feel good about it. My husband and everyone else didn’t see a problem with it but, not accustomed to throwing beautiful things in lakes, I was upset when my husband picked him up to go.

gorgeous sky india

lord ganesh visarjan flowers
Just before we left…

Once we left the house, I could hear the rhythm of celebration across the city, processions taking Lord Ganesh idols, big and small, to the lakes of Nagpur. We got into the car and drove to the lake, with Lord Ganesh sitting on my lap, seeing literally thousands of other idols sitting on laps in cars and the backs of trucks, even pulled along with tractors. As we got closer to the lake, the roads were so busy the traffic kept coming to a stand still, everyone with a Lord Ganesh on board, heading towards the same place. The atmosphere was electric with fireworks, dancing, drums and excitement.

Lord Ganesh Selfie
Lord Ganesh selfie, the car journey

Just before we arrived at the lake, volunteers collected the plastic bags containing the flowers which had adorned Ganesh idols, to avoid the plastic polluting the lake. The volunteers were also checking that the Ganesh idols were made on clay and not any material which could cause damage to the lake. I was really impressed that such care had been taken! In recent years the use of plaster of Paris has increased, this material causes a lot of pollution and should be immersed into a water tank and safely disposed of instead of into lakes or oceans.

After almost an hour of driving at a snail crawl, through the crowds and heavy traffic, we finally found a parking space and took Lord Ganesh to the water’s edge. A short and sad farewell followed by a large plop, he was gone.

Seconds before the plop!
Seconds before the plop!

Oh my gosh, what an unbelievable atmosphere at the lake, it was beautiful. People were performing a final aarti (offering a song and flame to God) and exchanging prasad (blessed food). A wonderful feeling of community and celebration, I really believe that Lord Ganesh was present, not only present, he was smiling.

Final aarti

6 ganesh line


  1. @Lauren

    Don’t worry, as they say in marathi “Ganapati Bappa Morya, Purchya Varshi Laukariya” (O Lord Ganesh, return quickly the following year). Lord Ganesha will definately come back to bless you, now that he has entered your heart.

    We Bengalis face the same dilemma when we go for immersion of Goddess Durga’s idol. I is as we are bidding farewell to someone near to us. At that moment, god ceases to remain god but becomes part of our family. I have often seen Maa Durga’s idol with her eight hands carrying weapons, and felt puny infront of her. As if she is saying “You better be good while I am here, no hanky panky”. It is as if each one of us feels that they own the god for a few days. God then becomes a guest and a friend. You take care of him, feed him, celebrate with him. That is why it is very sad to let go of them, because we have developed “moah” (attachement) to the diety. To break that attachment, immersion is necessary.

    On the day of immersion bengali women apply sindoor to each other which is called “sindoor khela” ( the game of sindoor), to the face and bangles which are the symbols of marriage. Something like holi with sindoor. We dance, sing and bid adieu to mother goddess. Goddess durga is supposed to come to earth to her devotees with her family. On the tenth day, she is fed sweets and sindoor is applied, returns to her husband home decorated like a newly wedded women. Strange tradition, but with very profound meaning.

    Look how beautiful the durga pooja pandals look


    • Hey Friend,

      Since the festival has finished, I have missed hearing “Ganapati Bappa Morya” all the time. Now I am getting verrrrry excited for Durga puja, I am going to see the idols on Sunday before they are installed!

      I LOVED this Bengali tradition, so so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!! xxx


    • There must be, I am in a battle at the moment to save the old heads of Mahalakshmi (which have been worshiped for nearly 28 years!), they are beautiful and have been lovingly cared for for nearly three decades, yet they are planning on throwing them in the lake during Diwali!!!

      It’s their tradition and bad energy to keep idols in the house which have become redundant…. but still, upsetting! xxx


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