Love Story: Garba Love

This girl has some of my favourite eyebrows, a weird thing to say, but it’s true! Beautiful Nicole is from Illinois and she fell in love with a Gujarati. They knew they were made for each other and nothing could stop them being together. Please remember, it’s Nicole Pithva, not Nicole Patel…

Life before meeting my husband was a struggle, I’m the type of person who likes to get things done my way and by myself. I had been in a relationship for seven years and we had lived together for five of them. During most of our time together, he didn’t work. A few years into our relationship he decided to go to college, but that still left me paying the bills. I had to work an insane amount each week just to keep a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. My family and friends told me many times that I deserved better, but I had not met anyone else that I could see myself with. I was stuck in a rut.

That was until a few loud “Gujju” boys moved into the apartment across from mine, I could tell they were Gujarati as I had been a nanny to a Gujarati family for three years. I found them rather annoying; smoking on their balcony, driving fast through the parking lot and playing loud music and dancing at all hours. They were, however, very courteous and always said hi to me. They would even invite my ex and I over to hang out with them. My ex was the type of person who hated everyone and just wanted to stay in the house. So aggravating, I was 25 and wanting to go out and have fun!

One of the annoying Gujju boys started talking to me more and more and I found him to be cute and interesting. He seemed more mature than the others. We began talking everyday in passing, when returning or leaving our separate apartments. He would recommend Hindi movies (most of which I had already seen) and Hindi songs. The more we talked, the more I wanted to see him and be with him. We connected on so many levels, it was crazy. That is when I decided to leave my ex. I kicked him out of my apartment, and Mitesh, who had dated a Gujarati girl for a year, decided to leave his girlfriend too.

Once we ended our relationships, we decided to go out for a date. We did the normal dinner and shopping, but it wasn’t until we attended a Garba event (Gujarati folk dance), that I knew he was the man I would marry and spend the rest of my life with. We had such an amazing time, a night I will never forget. We went to the Garba with friends, danced until one in the morning and then headed downtown to Chicago’s Devon Ave (“Little India”, as I call it) for some late night food. We didn’t get home until three in the morning!! Hands down, it was the best night of my life. I loved that Mitesh was so outgoing and spontaneous.

nicole gori amwf love garba romance garba

That was October 2012, and in March 2013 Mitesh asked me to marry him. Of course my family were SHOCKED to say the least. Well, they were in for an even bigger surprise, because Mitesh and I decided to elope on June 5, 2013. He and I went to downtown Chicago and got married in the courthouse. No friends or family attended, it was just the two of us and it couldn’t have been more perfect! I loved that we didn’t have the stress of planning a wedding and didn’t have to worry about money to pay for it. It was very special for us both, I love the way we did it!

However, our family and friends were not very happy that they couldn’t see us get married, so we promised them we would, one day, have a wedding. We are planning a vow renewal on our fifth wedding anniversary, together with our friends and family. It’s been two years since I met my husband and just over a year since we got married, and I have to say I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. We really do complete each other.

My family has come to love Mitesh as their own. And I am so happy that his family has accepted me. The first time I met his parents was after we got married! They came to visit us in August 2013 and stayed in our house with us for six months. Most people I know were worried about how his parents and I would get along, but I absolutely loved them! His mom and dad are my parents too and I wish that they could come back to the US to see us again (they live in Ahmedabad).

I have yet to get to India. I know I will love everything about it. I love Indian food, clothes, attending the temple, watching Hindi movies and dancing to Hindi songs! I feel that I was a desi girl in a past life. My husband always tells me that we got mixed up; I should have been born in India and he should have been born in America. I think that’s why our relationship works so well, we have the best of both worlds and get to experience each other’s cultures together.

I look forward to many more happy years with my one and only husband. A side-note: I’m also so very happy that he is not a Patel! No disrespect to Patals, it’s just there are so many, and I am happy that we are Pithva. I might be a gori but I have that Gujju pride. I am learning to speak Gujarati and even make Gujarati food daily (maybe that’s why my mother in-law loves me so much, I feed her son well).

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  1. Love all your stories about mix couples. My husband is also India, and I am a girl from a small country in Europe. I feel about our relationship the same way u guys do.


  2. WOW the story is amazing… More like a Hindi movie story with some realistic facts added. Loved reading it… I really hope your family and friends accept your beautiful relationship and make peace with you guys. Many best wishes for a happy successful life 🙂 ❤


  3. What a lovely piece of writing. Was having a sad day today and reading this brought a smile to my face. Thank you Nicole ! An Lauren thank you for your blog – it genuinely warms me. Thank you so much. Akshay


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