Love Story: My Desi Love

The beautiful blonde bombshell known as M is from Poland, she now lives in London with her Desi love. Her ‘office romance’ shows that it’s not always love at first sight and it’s not always easy but where there is love and understanding, relationships are wonderful and worth it…

Me – a person who’d never thought about interracial relationships let alone be in one, who found Hindi particularly annoying and had no interest in traveling to India. Him – a boy with no interest in gori girls, who looked for potential wife from the same caste, online. Impossible, right? There are so many love at the first sight (or first click!) stories on ‘English Wife, Indian’, but we took a while to find each other. We’ve been together for more than a year and although there is still a long way ahead of us, we’ve been through a lot and came out of each experience stronger and closer. How did the Polish girl meet the Bengali boy?

I came to London to study and ended up making the city my second home, now I have lived here for seven years. London had so much to offer! I started working in finance, MJ joined the same company a few months after me, I remember it quite well, he had an impressive CV and experience across continents, he was a great addition to the management team. In the months that followed, we only exchanged a few sentences whilst making coffee, that’s it. It wasn’t until our company’s 2012 Christmas party, sparks started to fly.

We spent some time talking outside the club together, it was then I learnt about his rather crazy past. I had always been impressed by his intellect, but outside that club, I started to feeling oddly drawn to his personality too. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on what it was, but I knew I liked that guy. Six months later we found out that we would be at Heathrow airport at the same time, both returning from holidays. Funnily, he was going to India to meet a girl he met on and I was going to the Middle East to meet an old boyfriend! I took MJ’s number so we could message each other once we had landed back in England and take the tube together, but sadly we missed each other and traveled back separately.

Two months later, I was leaving our office to walk to London Bridge to meet my girlfriends. He was standing outside, so I stopped for a chat. When I mentioned I was heading towards London Bridge, he decided to walk with me. We had such a nice conversation, so when he pointed to his apartment and said he was going to take the next turn right, I thought to myself, ‘damn, I am having such good time, I have to ask him out for a drink’. So I did, and he happily agreed. The rest is history.
poland poland poland poland my desi love gori bind blone blue eyes gorgeous

A year and a half later, we are living together in our beautiful river-facing apartment,  we have visited both India and Poland together and learnt so much about interracial and intercultural relationships. It’s not always easy, but we’ve come long way. I have just met his parents who came to visit for seven weeks. I had to move out of our apartment during that time but they seem to have accepted me, even more – they seem to really like me!

Together we go to temple, travel, cook Indian and European food, watch Bollywood movies (I’m a big fan!) and I am even starting Hindi classes in two weeks. I found my second identity in India and I want to embrace it, regardless of what people think.

I must say I instantly fell in love in this wonderful country. We traveled to Goa, Mumbai and visited Shirdi (Sai Baba’s home and a pilgrimage site). I still haven’t seen his home in Delhi, for now it’s off the cards. India is a magical place, full of unique people who give you a chance to discover yourself. Place where time is not that important and where love can be felt everywhere around you. We have one big hurdle left ahead of us from MJ’s past but I believe it will be behind us by next year. It’s been hard at times but we love each other deeply and we know the future is bright!

M writes a great blog about her intercultural journey and Indo-Polish relationship at


  1. Hi! I love this blog and all the stories in it! Thanks for sharing all these! Lauren, your blog was one of the first things that I started to read when I was involving with one Indian boy. Actually I also have one story with my Indian husband that I would like to share. How can I publish it Lauren? I am Latin and my husband is from Gujarat and our story is such a novel hehehe. Hope That I can share also with all of you!.


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