50 reasons I love living in India

1. Diversity of faith, culture and traditions.

2. You can wear flowers in your hair for no reason.

3. Sarees, beautiful and elegant silk sarees.

4. Hundreds of colourful and thought-provoking festivals.

5. Temples which bring tranquility into your life.

6. That thick layer of cream on top of the milk you get straight from a local cow.

7. Marigold garlands.

8. The smell of incense which wanders around homes, shops and temples.

9. The soothing sound of the honking traffic in the distance, when you are indoors (if you’re in the middle of it- not so nice)

10. Chai from chaiwalas, so sweet and thick.

11. Alphonso mangoes, a taste of heaven!

12. Wild peacocks dancing.

13. Big, fat, juicy lychee from North East India.

14. Feeling gorgeous and grounded whilst wearing a bindi.

15. Watching baby monkeys from your bedroom window!

16. Watching aunties ride side-saddle on two-wheelers with their splendid sarees dancing in the wind.

17. Fireworks, a day rarely passes without seeing a firework.

18. Paneer, soft and delicous.

19. Gulab jamun (or what I like to called them, gulamb jabons).

20. The charming sound of glass bangles chiming.

21. Little girls with perfect braids waving from school buses.

22. Warm monsoon rains.

23. Looking up and seeing flocks of green parrots fly by.

24. Feeling the sound of dhol(drums) vibrating through you.

25. Majestic wild tigers.

26. Coconut water!

27. The smell of fresh mehendi.

28. Lotus flowers everywhere; art, temples, sarees and even in the waters!

29. Hugging holy cows.

30. The loudest thunder imaginable.

31. Curious street cats.

32. Pani puri!!

33. Pooja/Puja (prayers)…

34. …especially Durga Puja!!

35. Hot climate! Rarely any grey drizzle!

36. Villages during Diwali, the animals painted pink!(?)

37. Holi, the festival where people are painted pink!!

38. So much to discover, around you and within in!

39. Papaya so large, they are the size of your head!

40. Autorickshaws- who needs rollercoasters?

41. You can visit places mentioned in Hindu mythology (for example, Ramtek).

42. India is unique, there is no other country in the world like it!

43. Tumeric beauty treatments which make you look a little Simpsony for a while.

44. Silver anklets with bells on.

45. Grandma’s coconut barfi.

46. Eating with my hands and it being completely socially acceptable.

47. Standing for the national anthem in the movie theatre.

48. Fearless, gorgeous and adorable children!

49. Endless possibilities.

50. Most importantly, I can wake up every morning and see my husband by my side.


What are some of the little things you love about India or the country you live?


  1. Nice list! Some of my favorite things are in this list including fresh coconut water, mangoes, Indian sweets like barfi, other Indian foods like kheer and naan, the masala box, the stainless steel cookware, the beautiful colors and patterns everywhere, and the spirituality. 🙂 Happy new year Lauren.


  2. Nice list, Lauren! India sounds absolutely fascinating, and it is most definitely your home. As they say, Home is where the heart is. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! Take care, Susan


  3. Hi, my name is alexandra vargas and my fiance is from mumbai,we are catholic, but i like the mix of language and religion that i see there.
    i had went to india three times and what i like the most is the family union they have, their food, the sunshine and the sunrise, the smell of incense everywhere i go, the people and the kids, the coconut water which is my favorite as same as chai, the biriany rice he’s dad cook when i come, the flowers everywhere, the menhendi in my arms as in here in miami is so expensive, i love the going to the cinema for two hours and in the middle of the movie feel that i want to dance because of the songs 🙂 and many of the things you mention on your list.


  4. Such a lovely post! I entirely agree with all items you mentioned, specially 38. I true and real discover within ourselves- That is why India is the Incredible India. All the best!!!


  5. Brilliant! All the spheres of life have been covered which demonstrates that how well you have integrated your self with new

    I am sure, there are few things which you do not like about living in India for which your adjustability is commendable.

    10/10 work.


    • Thank you so so much, Anshuman!
      Great to hear from you, I hope you are having a fab new year!
      (Maybe I’ll do another list in a couple of days, but it will definitely be shorter!)

      Take care, Lauren


  6. Jio guru,awesome article.early happy new year lauren sister,i pray to god that your all wishes become true in 2015.


  7. @ Lauren

    The fourth pic down below where you husband is carrying you is so romantic. You look absolutely cute in it. What I like about you is you cheerful nature. It is hard to think that you suffer from bouts of depression every time and again. May god bless you two with all the happiness in life. Keep smiling.

    About India, some foreigners like the chaos but some are fed up with infrastructural problems, conservative nature of the society, corruption etc. I think it takes something special for a foreigner to live in India. Something personal, some goal something which keeps him/her going because all you got to hear it depressing news coming out of India. The chaotic, kinetic energy of every day life is both an boon and bane of India. At one hand, it signifies hope and endless possibilities and on the other it symbolizes lack of discipline and faith in fate.

    Somebody described India like this:

    “India is like a beautiful poem written on a dirty paper. If you throw away the paper, you lose the poem. You have to clean the paper to read it or painstakingly write it down on a clean paper. The question is whether somebody has that patience??”

    I long for the day when somebody has that patience to do so. Someday god willing, it will happen.


    • That’s a really lovely description, friend, thank you for sharing! I am really grateful!!
      I feel that the time will come!! I really do!

      I hope you are well and having a fabulous new year.
      Lots of love,
      Lauren xx


  8. I don’t live in India but I have been there many times with my Indian fiance. Everything you listed I know and love as well!! Maybe someday I’ll be living in India too.. I miss India!!


  9. Beautiful post and very sentimental and nostalgic.
    My favourite thing about India is hands-down the fashion. Women’s fashion in particular. Indian women are ahead of the game in terms of fashion! And the quality of fabrics is so beautiful and I love how many of the fabrics are hand made. When we were in aurangabad, we went into one shop and saw an old grandma weaving all the Paithani sarees being sold in the shop. Simple amazing.
    Another thing I love about India is the sense of togetherness. If you live there it gets to be too much, but when visiting it is just right. I am an only child, so I love the sense of being around my husbands family and all of us just sitting around chatting.


    • Hey Alexandra,
      Paithanis are so beautiful! I agree, and I love how Indian fashion is ageless… just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean you have to start wearing ‘old lady outfit’. I love it!! xx


  10. Hey Laura,

    I stumbled across your blog just recently, and I have to say that I really adore it. I don’t live in india but I’ve been there to visit my boyfriend, who’s living in rural Kerala. I would sign that list instantly but I’d also add:
    -the Backwaters, which are just too beautiful, either just sit at the side and watch the boats or go on a boat yourself, it’s just so peaceful
    -Varkala beach, most beautiful place I’ve ever been to
    -laying in bed in the morning and just listening to the musoc coming from the next temple and/or the animals outside.

    Greeting and best wishes.



    • Hey V,

      Lovely to meet you! Thank you so so much for your lovely comment!! I would love to visit Kerala some day!! I hope you come visit soon 😀

      Lots of love xx


  11. I agree with so many of these it’s like I wrote this post myself! India has so many wonderful things to offer I’m sure the list could go on and on.


  12. Woah!!!! You are making Indians count their blessings..Literally! Very fun post 😀
    I can totally understand your addiction to paneer and gulab jamuns. I would say you have a great taste if you like these sinfully delicious delicacies.. 😀
    I know many who don’t and I am like…Are you kidding me?? You don’t like paneeer?? :p
    My bestie didn’t used to like paneer but now she has developed a palate for it. Treated her to some awesomely creamy and well-made paneer. 🙂


  13. Hello Lauren,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences on this blog. I’ve lived in U.K. for over 10 years of my early working life but am now resettled in India. And although I miss England a lot, and complain too much about the quality of life back here, I nevertheless silently feel blessed to be a part of this unique oasis.

    And, I would like to add a few little things that I love about India.

    – the never say die attitude that I perceive everywhere
    – the glorious colours, tastes and rich lights sprouting amidst absolute squalor
    – the billion gods each one with their superpower living as ordinary people
    – the mutual considerate respect for everyone
    – yeah can do, dogged indomitable spirits running rife
    – the abundance of youthful energy
    – the tireless search for love, happiness and truth
    – the ingrained culture of support, consideration and hope
    – the feeling of sacredness in every day routines
    – the belief and faith in goodness and in purpose of life.


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