Our Cook’s Grandson’s Naming Ceremony

Many of us have wondered what to call our future children years before we plan to have them, sometimes having our children’s names picked out before choosing someone to parent them with! Many cultures in India do things differently, a baby might remain nameless for the first month of their little life, waiting to be named in a special ceremony.

The name is chosen with a little help from a Vedic astrologer or a priest and after a small ritual and some chanting, the name is whispered into the baby’s ear! A big celebration follows to welcome the new baby into the world and let everyone admire the baby’s new name.

My mother-in-law and I attended the naming ceremony of our Cook’s first grandchild, an adorable little boy who is now called Chetan! The celebration was large and reminded me of a marriage function, lots of guests and lots of food!

The lovely woman who comes and cooks at my in-laws house is one of the sweetest women you would be able to find, she has been working for the family for over seven years. She always gets worried if I don’t eat enough food and always offers to make something different, she even makes extra roti for Alfonso! I was really happy to have been invited to her family’s special celebration!

Chetan’s mother was beautiful and obviously very much in love with her gorgeous son. He was such a quiet baby, fast asleep as people passed him around for cuddles, that is until get got hungry and started to cry! When it was time for his dinner, we went and ate ours! The food was lovely and I ate six gulab jamun (a super sweet cake soaked in syrup!).

I think having a party like this is lovely way to welcome a new person into the world, don’t you?


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  1. How sweet. It’s quite nice how you can be involved in the personal lives of your cooks and cleaners in India. People in India are so open for people into their homes, eve if you are a stranger! I always say I find some of the best hospitality in the world there.


  2. It depends from community to community. Bengalis do not have baby naming ceremony. Talking about baby naming ceremonies, when are you having yours??


  3. Does your cook’s family do the mundan/chaula/choodakaruna haircutting ceremonies too?
    Muslims as well as Hindus and some Sikhs do this also in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.


  4. Lovely post Lauren, I really enjoy looking at everyday happenings in your life and the people around you. This is extra sweet cos a lovely baby is involved!! Keep the posts coming!!


  5. In Marathi this celeberation is called barase from bara means 12. So ideally this needs to be done on 12th day. Visitors are expected to gift the new babu with clothes, sweaters, socks, caps etc.


  6. I love having a naming ceremony – we did one for Maya too. It is a wonderful way to welcome the baby into the family 🙂
    We actually picked out Maya’s name when I was 6 months pregnant, and we were going to go with it regardless of the astrology. Luckily, the name we picked coincidentally worked well with her birth time and birth date! (My hubby’s uncle is an astrologer). They said we could spell her name “Maya” or “maia”!


  7. Indian culture have great value of Vedas and in Hindu community the naming ceremony of a new born baby is so special ,it is necessary to have a name according to astrology and Vedas in our Indian Hindu culture…your story is heart touching..and smile comes on lips after reading it.well keep writing such blog.


  8. i love how much your posting now-a-days! i love hearing about your life and learning what to expect when i move to india! i’ve still never taken a trip so i’ll be moving with little experience of being over there. i try to learn as much as i can to get comfortable so you’ve really helped me out!


    • Aww, thank you so much!
      I hope all goes well with your move, it’s a shame you won’t be able to take a little trip first. I hope these blogs are as helpful as they can be!!
      Good luck 😀


  9. It’s really amazing how you are being a part of such ceremonies and the people around you’s lives. It’s commendable, the way you are building new bonds 🙂
    I usually stay home while my parents go out and attend such family functions. I think I have had enough of them :p


  10. i had picked on a name for my daughter even before i married,so was unprepared when I first got a son.i had to scramble to find a name for him: I wanted a unique name and named him ranjak which means ,one who pleases.At first he would have to spell his name to persons who could not catch it.Later I got my daughter and gave her the name I had been storing up for so long!!.It is Aabharna,which means ornament


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