Baby’s First Friend: Episode 2

Baby’s First Friend: Episode 1

Hello, it’s me again, Alfonso the pug. I thought we should catch up on how things have been going since last time we spoke. In short, things have started to play to my delicious advantage…

close up, alfonso the pug

A couple of weeks ago, the new baby started eating food. All sorts of yummy things; plums, red pepper, apple, steamed broccoli and carrot etc.

You’d think I would be insanely jealous wouldn’t you. But, since our relationship has blossomed, the new baby never forgets Alfonso (shh…he has absolutely no idea that I am not allowed to be fed from the table and I pray he never learns the truth!).

The new baby sits on this very high chair with it’s own table, while I lurk under the big table, waiting, in stealth mode.

When I give the signal, he drops some food on the floor for me, and if I am quick enough I can run away with it without anyone catching me. He doesn’t even seem to care that the adults tell him not to do it, we all knows where his loyalties lie.

I have more fabulous news.

The new baby can finally walk, and it seems he is way more sensible than the rest of the family because he is walking on all fours, on his hands and feet. Just like I do!

I therefore take complete credit for this latest achievement. Watching me trot so elegantly and gracefully around the house, and around the neighbourhood must have inspired him.

Sadly, the grown ups of the house have some weird ideas and think it’s acceptable to tie me up when the new baby is walking around. He always walks on all fours off his playmat and towards me, I don’t know why the adults can’t take the hint that we want to play.

I’m not impressed.

baby and pug

I guess it’s because the new baby is still a little bit wobbly on four legs.

We just want to play, I promised I would be careful!

The new baby now weighs about the same as me and I am gorgeously muscular. So, if he wants to be as fabulous as me, Alfonso the pug, he’s on the right track!


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  1. LOL I just love these posts from Alphono’s point of view! Not only is Alphonso handsome and smart, he is also a good writer! Who knew? hehe


  2. hi Lauren your pup Alfonso is a great story teller indeed, good to kknow he is bonding well with your kiddo, btw what happened to his girlfriend?? 🙂 i suggest you start a separate facebook page dedicated to alfonso and your kid


  3. Hi! Came across your blog while looking for advice: what to do if you are the only foreigner? I have been invited to a lovely Indian wedding for a week and this has been my first day but I feel so alone. I dont understand anyone and they only talk english a few short sentenced before switching back to hindi. I feel it difficult especially because I was invited by the bride (who is incredibly busy) and I dont know anyone else. Do you have any quick small fixes to this?


  4. Yeah! Go Rohan! Saira never crawled, she just sort of ‘bum shuffled’!
    Love these pups posts – very funny!
    I’m sure you know already, but there are some great dog/child psychology articles out there on how to teach both dog and child their places in the pack (i.e. poor Alphonso will always be at the bottom but shhhh don’t tell him!).
    One tip is get Alphonso on his back and allow Rohan to pet him but take care never to let him rub him on the chest or belly as these areas denote dominance of the dog (think when dogs hump each other for dominance eeek!) So many people tickle their dogs on the belly not realizing this (myself included for about the first five years of having a very naughty dog)!
    Behind the ears and back of the neck is a good place to tickle and scratch as that is where mama dog nips /picks up her puppies when they are being naughty. If you are a dog geek like me you will find it all fascinating stuff!
    Looking forward to seeing the progression of this beautiful canine-infant friendship! xx


  5. My family is going though the same phase, we are expecting a baby in March and we have made our pug pet realise that he will have a new friend/family member to play with. Fingers crossed to see how it goes.


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